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    Therefore, Yuan Shiheng turned around and scolded the other person: "If you already know my identity, then you should not appear! No matter what part you are, I can tell you that you are making a mistake." big, and I was doing it once. A secret operation, and your appearance destroyed this secret operation!"

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    Yuan Shiheng, who knew Deputy Director Xu very well, felt that it was really difficult to go to heaven, but if he couldn't return to the Central Committee, his end would be very miserable, so he was a little bored. frustrated during this time. and began to think about his withdrawal.

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    The decoration of the Songfeng courtyard was completed, and when everyone was seated, Doan Mu Hong stood up and said loudly: "Since the ancestors of the two families formed an invincible friendship, for thousands of years , Doan Moc Hoang Phu has become like brothers and sisters. Although this martial arts competition conference is no longer as prosperous as before, if we want to spread the quintessence of martial arts, we must definitely attract sources. living water..."

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    One of the Japanese agents who was in charge of the two-person team could only grit his teeth and explain: “We monitor Yin Qunli according to standard procedure, changing people every 500 meters. However. It's strange to know how Yin Qunli found out that we were secretly following him."

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    "Little brother, why are you so humble to me? You can jump on a cypress branch, no matter how gentle Duan Mulan is, you absolutely cannot do it." The tree branch that Japan and Han Xiao jumped on.

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    The white-clothed woman's hands trembled. Lightning flashed across her hand. A bright sword was in her hand. Han Tieu couldn't see how she drew it. But seeing the long sword flying and the crowd following the sword, the long sword turned into a cold light, flying around the snow-white clothes. Han Tieu only felt that she was elegant and agile. If she weren't holding a long sword in her hand, she would have considered her like a fairy descending to earth.

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    When the Hoang Phu family came down Trung Nam mountain, it was the afternoon of the second day. Doan Moc's family went straight to the mountain gate to return.

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    Lao Wu is a former undercover agent, so he should understand that the fact that Che Mei was secretly followed and followed means that the three of them were specifically targeted by the high school, so Lao Wu will definitely Report to Lao Hou.

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    "The Hoang Phu family lost two matches in a row. Tomorrow will be a desperate fight. To be able to appear on the stage, the disciples must be extremely powerful. Brother Phong will definitely have a hard time fighting." Te Thinh Dai said.

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    Yin Qunli chuckled confidently: "I think the headquarters is a bit unfounded. The power of the Communist Party in Stone City is really not small, but they also made mistakes. Otherwise, the transport station Their old underground will be broken. Furthermore, the members of their underground party organizations have also been captured by the Japanese army. More importantly, the Communist Party has no righteousness. I will never surrender to an organization like the Communist Party. No matter how you say it, Chongqing is the legitimate government of China, and the Japanese will not be able to help but know this. Not only the Japanese, but also the traitors and puppets are all very clear, so I think that no matter how hard the Communist Party tries to win over traitors, it will not succeed."

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    Hearing him say that, Bach Moc Linh gratefully said: "Junior Han, it turned out that your father died in the hands of the Demon Sect, thank you for your kindness, but my parents died in that melee. I really don't know." know who did it."

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    After returning to the room, Chen Shi personally picked out some herbs, boiled a bowl of thick medicinal soup in the casserole, and forced Han Xiao to drink it. Han Tieu only felt that the medicinal soup tasted extremely bitter, but he could not bear to refuse his brother's kindness, nor could he bear to expose his lie, so he had to grit his teeth and finish eating.

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    Since Deputy Director Xu would definitely not prove himself that he was a fake Japanese surrender, he could only place his hope in Deputy Director Ye.

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    It would be great if I could contact Li Yixin's upline directly, Yin Qunli thought to himself. If Li Yixin can bypass Li Yixin and directly send an alarm to the party organization and report the information he already knows, perhaps the party organization will take measures to deal with the current serious situation.

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    "Ha ha, I've never heard of you, Lanh Van Thanh, admitting defeat. Huh, Junior Brother Lanh has admitted defeat, Nhan Quan, let's go." Doan Mulan smiled and said.

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    Although Han Tieu's kung fu was not as good as the other three senior brothers, with his help, Feng Zhaonian was much more comfortable, and the two gradually gained the advantage.

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    But why did Shinnosuke Murakami tell these secrets himself so bluntly?

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    But the 'bodyguard' still wanted to come here to try his luck and see if he had a chance to contact Vien The Hoanh alone. But the 'bodyguard' was still disappointed. He wandered around the street outside the gate of the Special Countermeasures Investigation Headquarters all morning, but Yuan Shiheng was nowhere to be seen. This made him feel quite difficult.

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    thought that not long ago, I was still living in General Dinh Vien's palace in the capital, although I did not have the luxury of "thinking about clothes with thousands of brocade boxes, thinking about eating and drinking delicious delicacies". delicacies", but every day I get "my master loves me, I hug him". Take care of food, clothing, and freedom. But at this moment, he fell to the ground, his whole body in pain and unable to move, above the bone-chilling cold wind, below the ice and snow, it really felt like he was becoming a human again.

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    As a result, Han Tieu repeatedly practiced the magic of flying up and down, only to feel his mind clear, reaching a state of forgetting both things and himself, but the figure of the white-clothed woman still appeared. before his eyes over and over again.

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    At this time, Doan Mo Hong also saw Han Tieu wake up and happily said: "Xiao'er, you're finally okay! Being a teacher these past few days has been so scary!"