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    Beloborodov said: "Exactly so. The Chinese army has coated the front armor of the tank with a layer of this super-hard plastic, roughly the size of a book page, with a thickness of 20 to 30 mm. The tank of they provide more than 60mm of additional protection, and they don't use that material for the majority of the tank's armor."

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    Seeing this child return, Marshal Kesselring breathed a sigh of relief. Unknowingly, this untrustworthy person affected his fortune and life, he devised a bold counterattack plan, sending troops to support and relieve pressure on the western front , but if he fails... the telegraph pole is his home, and the head of state will never let him go. The success or failure of this plan is inseparable from whether the mysterious arms dealer can provide him with the weapons and equipment he promised, if the child disappears without a sound, he will finish. He quickly ran to greet him, with a smile on his face and shouted: "Loi, you're back! If you don't come back yet, I want to jump into the sea!"

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    Colonel Kalinin was silent for a moment then shook his head: "You are crazy! You should understand Comrade Stalin's character, his will is tougher than steel, his heart is colder than volcanic rock. I will not let go! Mobei area is related to the safety of the Trans-Siberian railway, if you move Mobei, you will touch the back of the Soviet Union, comrade Stalin will definitely counterattack with thunder, anger His is not something you can stand!

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    The Minister did not pay attention: "Foreign diplomatic chaos? What we are most afraid of right now is diplomatic chaos!"

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    Lieutenant Colonel Miha gave a military salute and immediately went down to make arrangements.

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    But now it seems that a small change has occurred, the Eighth Route Army has risen, wiped out hundreds of thousands of Japanese troops from five divisions in World War I Suiyuan, and suddenly withdrew the Mobei area from the gateway of the Soviet Union. The alliance, attack after attack, completely crushed the Japanese army! It has only been a month since Dien An issued the call to "attack the Japanese army", and there is great momentum in major cities and military bases to wipe out the entire Son Tay in one sweep! Such a powerful attack made every young man's blood boil, but it also gave this old and cunning lord deep fear. Heroes of troubled times emerged from all over the world, and with a gun they were the kings of the grass, no one could understand the importance of military might better than a warlord who rose from Times are difficult, all tricks and plots are in vain. Faced with the powerful military strength of Thai Son, that's right, the Eighth Route Army is so powerful, occupying most of Son Tay, even if the Japanese army has Even if he was defeated, it wouldn't be his turn to go to Thai Nguyen! As the Japanese invaders were still there, the Eighth Army could forgive his small tricks because of the general situation of the resistance against Japan, and give him some of the captured territories from the Japanese army. Just keep living your mother's spring and autumn dream, it would be polite not to hit him on the head with a brick!

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    Mr. Lin had barely finished the cup, his thin face was already red and he was panting. Just as he was about to order some food, Boskovich raised his glass and called out: "Lin, I want to toast you too!"

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    The strength of troops stationed in the Shanghai area is at the top of the entire Chinese occupied area. Of course, the strength of the Japanese air force stationed here is also extremely strong, so the bombing of Shanghai is also the most intense. , and the Shanghai Garrison Headquarters rushed in. The Japanese air force tried to intercept them, but encountered the same confusion as their Taiwanese counterparts: their flight speed and altitude were far behind their counterparts, so they could only watch. ! Because Shanghai airport's runway is made of concrete, anti-runway speed bombs are ineffective, so this time the H-5 squadron used 200kg anti-runway bombs, this type has a semi-armour-piercing warhead, capable of can easily penetrate thick concrete, then explode. The 100 kg charge blew up large holes 3 meters in diameter on the runway. Repairing these large holes will take some time. After the runway was destroyed, a total of more than 30 Japanese fighter aircraft were stuck on the airport and unable to take off. There's nothing to be polite about. A series of cluster bombs were thrown down, flames were burning and debris was flying across the sky. It was as spectacular as could be! The Shanghai garrison headquarters was hit by a 1,000 kg bomb. Chinese civilians could not be near such an important military headquarters, so the Red Army frantically used gasoline bombs. While the Japanese troops were still stunned, this huge thing screamed and flew towards the command post, crashed through the roof of the building and penetrated to the bottom. It exploded loudly, yellow smoke rose, curled up, twisted, and swallowed. swallowing oxygen and growing bigger when it saw the wind, like a head with teeth and claws, such a monster, the Japanese army felt a chill down their spines! Immediately afterwards, half of Shanghai was shaken by a violent, thunderous explosion, and the smoke turned into a bright red mushroom cloud that slowly rose. Telephone poles and trees were uprooted, vehicles were blown away, and people were swept away or turned into ashes or broken organs. Blood Qiqiao, in short, will not die!

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    Xue Jianqiang muttered: "Perfunctory is not a long-term strategy, we have to help them find something to do, so they don't stare at us all day!" He stood up and clasped his hands back and forth behind him. Find something for Meiyingsu to do. Thieves cannot be on guard. The best way to deter thieves is to keep thieves out and committing crimes. But who can stop the three thieves from Meiyingsu from going out to commit crimes? What about the poor?

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    Mr. Lin raised his hand and blew the trumpet for her: "There is a lot of nonsense! Be careful, whether you win or lose, the Soviet army will later invite you to drink. You must find the right time to avoid it, to Don't get sprayed by them."

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    Cheng Fei didn't care much, he kept patting his chest and told Xue Jianqiang that there was no problem, at most a year they would be able to produce a prototype and conduct a test flight. There's really no problem, because this new fighter is an enlarged version of the J-7... They've been playing the J-7 for decades, they can do it with their eyes closed, it's just an enlarged version. just big. That's trivial! Furthermore, many parts can be used directly from the J-7, just dismantle it from the retired J-7, saving a lot of time, making a prototype takes a year, this is a understatement! So excited, the owner personally held a party to welcome this distinguished guest. The owner and guests often raised their glasses to congratulate and drink all the glasses!

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    Xue Jianqiang chuckled and said: "Don't worry boss, I am very qualified! Those intelligence officers know too much, we must find a way to deal with it, otherwise we will be in endless trouble!"

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    Then our eldest sister must be a famous general! She has fought against the devil many times, and she has never lost. That old demon Fujita was captured by him!

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    Director Liu and several old engineers were sitting on the floor, studying some details with drawings. The customer made a new request, they only needed 500 tanks equipped with 57mm anti-aircraft guns, the next ones must be equipped with 85mm main guns. The factory manager was very confused, is there something wrong with the customer's brain? The 105mm rifle is the most basic, the 120mm high-pressure smoothbore gun is just normal, even if the 125mm high-pressure smoothbore gun can't be used, it's good to scare people. If you can install a 140mm high-pressure smoothbore gun, then No What's better, caliber is justice! This is great, I always make these small tubes, and I don't pay any attention to the ones over 100mm, something is wrong! The factory director pointed to the design and said: "Madam, it's okay to replace the 59 gun with an 85mm tank gun. The armor-piercing bullets also have to be thrown away. What's the big deal? Isn't it a good buy?" 59 with this amount?"

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    Loi Phong teased Caron: "What did he say?"

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    "Then let's deal with them first," Mr. Lin said.

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    few months ago, Li Man went to Qiang Kee Seafood Wholesale Market to apply for a job, he passed the interview immediately and found four jobs, which were Marketing Manager, Purchasing Manager, Director Administrative and advertising planning team leader. as high as 350,000, which is absolutely high. At first, she thought Xue Jianqiang was just joking, but Xue Jianqiang actually used her as the head of the gyro support team: Li Man, go order 5,000 tons of steel sugar for me! Ly Man, go order 5,000 tons of cement for me! Li Man, fresh abalone and large lobster have arrived, contact customers to get the goods! Li Man, the puffer fish has been brought back, let the Japanese devils come and take it away! Ly Man, go recruit a group of porters, there's not enough manpower! Ly Man... Ly Man... Ly Man... That bastard doesn't show his face so easily. Once he shows up, he will use her to death. As soon as he speaks, her leg will be broken!